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Yes, Super Tuesday is somewhat meaningless in many cases. But living in California as I do, I'd say that it was a monumental day here. Steve Garvey, retired Dodgers baseball player, actually placed second in the top-two primary system here, meaning that he will actually advance to the general election to run against Rep. Adam Schiff, he of the infamous July 6 panel appointed by Pelosi.

IMO there is good reason why Schiff's nickname is now Schiff-for-Brains. I will be embarrassed if he is elected US Senator from California because I don't think he has an original thought in his brain and is merely a mouth piece for whatever passes these days as Democrat policy positions. Other than that, I suppose he may be a nice guy.

So there can be some positive, remarkable results of primary elections such as Super Tuesday. Many voters who otherwise feel disenfranchised here because of the two-two system will have a chance to vote for someone in November who can better represent their own views. This hasn't happened for decades.

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