Emotionally Intelligent Civics

What is Civic EQ?

Civic EQ is a newsletter for parents who want to brush up on civics.

Who are you?

I’m an entertainment lawyer, writer, and toddler mom. After 10 years in New York, I reluctantly moved to LA for a new job when I was 6 months pregnant.

Like so many millennials, most of what I remember about learning civics is from Schoolhouse Rock.

Since then, I’ve dipped in and out of civic life. Years ago I started writing a book about a young raccoon who starts a club of little animal lawyers. The book evolved into a story about civic friendship, which turned into a series of early chapter books that champions socially and emotionally intelligent civics through quirky and empathic characters.

Why Civic EQ?

Writing the books made me realize just how much I’d forgotten (or never learned) about civics. I found lots of resources for teachers, but I was looking for something more straightforward. If I was going to write a series about civic friendship, I needed to re-learn civics myself so I could get it on the page in a way kids would understand.

But here’s the thing. Just like kids develop by learning from others, adults also need a roadmap.

My goal is to turn Civic EQ into a toolbox without the steep learning curve.

As a newish (toddler) mom, my parenting journey has already been profoundly influenced by ready access to different perspectives and self-aware, relatable voices. Whether it’s through Instagram or Substack newsletters, these information channels are the silver lining of parenting in the digital age - which brings me to Civic EQ, and a desire to create something I would personally be thrilled to find:

A community of parents and caregivers committed to re-learning civics so we can confidently inspire civic curiosity in our kids.

Think of it as the new Schoolhouse Rock, in the form of a 5-minute read delivered directly to your inbox.

Join me in curating a new vanguard of “Civic Influencers”

I’m committed to bringing practical advice, vetted resources, thoughtful anecdotes and more from the most informed and inspiring minds I can find, including:

  • Leaders in civic education, social activism and social-emotional learning;

  • Influential academics and educators dedicated to reimagining modern civic education;

  • Social psychologists and childhood development experts;

  • Award-winning authors and political journalists;

  • Civic-minded screenwriters, actors, directors and producers… and more.

In the very short term, I’m committed to helping each other through this election season with hope, positivity and humor.

More soon,


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Entertainment lawyer, writer, producer, toddler mom.